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SIC Tours

Sebastian Inlet Charters wants you to get the most from your experience so we created eco-tours for your pleasure: our most popular is the Sunset Cruise and our favorite is the Wildlife Nature Tour.
Wildlife Nature Tour
Capt. Brent can personally guide you through the St. Sebastian River & Indian River Lagoon, pointing out the wildlife, plant life and other things that may go unnoticed to someone that isn’t sure what to look for. Some of the wildlife you have the possibility to see are Dolphins, Manatees, Otters, Horseshoe Crabs, Shrimp, Stingrays, Sea Horse, Lobster, Snook, Redfish, Flounder, Sheepshead, Mullet, Ladyfish, Turtles, Raccoons, an occasional Shark, Alligator and/or Bobcat. As far as birding goes there are too many to list but a few are: Brown Pelicans, White Pelicans "snowbirds", Seagulls, Osprey, Vultures, Sandhill and other species of Cranes, several species of Herons, Egrets, and our national bird Bald Eagles. 
Sunset Cruise
Our SIC Sunset Cruise is a perfect way to end the day, cruising on the Indian River Lagoon. We depart when there is still a lot of sunlight so you are able to enjoy the views as the sky changes colors as the sun begins to set. Experiencing the “magic hour” from the water is truly a breath taking experience. Sit back, relax and take in the spectacular sunset views with friends or loved ones while the sun slips away casting fiery hues of orange and red.

Departure times vary. Contact us for more information.
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